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Specializing in wood hoops, handcrafted snare shells & acoustically engineered kits, owner Shawn Ryan combines classic craftsmanship, innovative sound design, & personalized service to "produce" drums in Orange County California.  

SALT is for those who desire to work directly with a creator to develop & express ones individualized sound & style.  SALT is an American Small Business & a humble brand who believes in equal opportunity.  

They are just drums... 
"Regardless of label & legality, the drummer is the authority who leads melody, lyric, & audience. It is my pleaser to equip these leaders with the tools to do just that, it's a labor of love."

What sets you apart from other qualified brands?
"While I realize there are others who import similar product, what sets me apart is over a decade of real world experience building in USA.  I combine Sonic, Artistic, Leadership & Tactile skills to deliver results for those in the house of worship, studio & live settings."

So, what's the end gnoal?
"Our pourpose is to use sound to captivate, connect & inspire people."

Learn more about "how we produce drums".  

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The Faders

SALT incorporates years of industry experience to do your behind the scenes work. While designing the instrument we "ride three faders" to create your mix. By blending finish, hardware, & shells; each supporting one another to produce your "timber" or overall sound from the ground up. 

Classic Appeal

Practical Function

Personolized Sound

Are you worth your SALT? 

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"You can't hide behind them, drums are not only heard but felt."

At SALT, all drums are built using top shelf American Made Drum Shells; Utilizing his experienced ears and eyes Ryan hand selects the cream of the crop to produce each instrument. With a range of shell material, size, & thickness in grasp, we can be quite intentional & produce the right instruments for your specific situation.

All metal & acrylic snare drums offered by SALT are built in-house using premium U.S. raw materials.  

Personalized Sound


"So simple, it
just works."

The idea is to use simple design that works when you need it to. Over the years, SALT has established professional relationships with hardware manufactures to consistently provide you with road quality components. Despite the fact that you will be hitting them, SALT stands behind these relationships.

Practical Function


"People want to see stuff happen, it's a visual instrument as well".

This is where we get visually creative and throw a dash of you into each instrument. Drums are finished in Orange County, using quality USA materials & various techniques to support your artistic vibe.

Classic Appeal


"Since the Band's creation we have been looking for ways to improve our show and adding a Kick Drum has always been something we've wanted to do.  Thanks to our friend Shawn Ryan,  at Salt Drums in California, we've finally found a way to make it possible.  With his expertise we we're able to design The Ultimate Busking Kit which has taken our show to the next level."

"I was so impressed with his drums that I had him custom make me a full Aluminum drum kit to my exact specifications.
The drums exceeded my expectations and consider them a museum piece as the quality, sound and build are flawless.
Shawn,in my humble opinion is the best drum builder, as well as a heck of a nice guy."

"I currently own 6 snare drums, and my custom SALT snare is the pinnacle of my collection. Shawn worked closely with me to design the optimal snare for my drumming needs. The outcome was a craftsman's masterpiece. From it's versatility to it's look, I couldn't be more pleased with my SALT snare."

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Behind the Name
SALT | Orange County, California

"I was building drums for friends & playing various charity gigs in Los Angeles, I was a very arrogant & insecure player. I later had an aha moment while eating at In-N-Out, realizing my role is to serve the music while striving to bring out the best in those I come in contact with, much like salt to a meal."
- Shawn R.


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