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SALTdrums  standard shells and finishes are guaranteed free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase of new drums to the original owner.

All drum hardware is covered under this warranty for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase to the original owner. SALTdrums will repair or replace defective hardware components free of material and labor cost with comparable or functionally equivalent parts to the original purchaser upon return to SALTdrums.

All warranty claims and evaluations are to be directed to SALTdrums directly. Proof of purchase and original ownership is required for any warranty claims.

Any shipping damage experienced upon initial receipt after purchase must be reported to SALT Drums within 10 days of delivery. Original packaging must be kept as evidence.

Drum shells refer to the cylindrical body of the instrument and related components such as reinforcement rings, bearing edges, and finish (lacquers, stains, wraps, inlays, veneer and any combination of the aforementioned types)

Drum hardware refers to any and all plated metal components consisting of, but not limited to lugs, counter hoops, throw offs, butt plates, tension rods, tom brackets, hanging mounts, bass drum spurs and any related mounting hardware.

This limited factory warranty does not cover:

Drumheads and normal wear and tear.
Non-standard or hand-painted finishes. 
Any modifications or alterations made to original factory parts, shells, or finishes.
Damage caused by neglect, temperature or moisture extremes (included but not limited to direct sunlight, excessive heat, freezing temperatures and/or direct exposure to the elements.)
Shell damage caused by uneven tuning

Damage due to mishandling, neglect, improper setup, over tightening of tension rods (i.e. stripped lugs or lugs separating/snapping), damage in travel, shipping damage or use under other than what is classified as normal playing conditions.

Drums purchased from a source other than SALT Drums or an authorized SALT Drums  dealer.

Used gear sold or B stock Items sold directly from SALT Drums. 

Any owner other than the original purchaser - this limited warranty is not transferrable.
Normal changes in wood grain, fading of color and/or aging of any finish.
Factory installed products not manufactured by SALT such as LED lighting/controls and/or other custom installations.

All acetate based drum coverings or any drum coverings prone to shrinkage, bubbling or damage from the elements.
Incidental or consequential damage that occurs as a result of an SALT product defect.
Lost or misplaced parts including but not limited to tension rods that have fallen out and screws that have been lost. 

If a repair needs to be made and the item is not under warranty, we will charge cost on the product + labor + return shipping. Turnaround depends on the type of product but typically done within 4-6 weeks.
When shipping a drum back to SALT Drums, be sure to package the drum properly and insure each individual drum for at least $500 USD.
SALT Drums is not responsible for loss or damage during shipping back to SALT. 

Warranty claims can be submitted after reading the following information. Proof of purchase/original sales receipt will be required for any valid claim. Customer is to wait for instructions from SALT Drums before product can be returned. No product returns will be accepted without first obtaining a Return Authorization (RA) number. RA number must be clearly written on shipping containers for product returns. Any and all shipping charges will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

This warranty gives the original owner of SALT Drums products specific legal rights. He or she may also have other rights that vary by state, country or province. These provisions and limited warranty are covered by the laws where the original purchase took place. SALT Drums, the warrantor under this limited warranty, recognizes that this agreement is enforceable only to the extent and in the manner permitted under applicable laws.

Terms and conditions of this limited warranty are subject to change without notice. All products warranted under this specific coverage will be honored for the warranty period mentioned above.

You’re part of the SALT famialy, if you have any questions or concerns about our warranty don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email to request form and make a claim.

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